Upcoming Events at the Old Franklin Schoolhouse

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This September, the Old Franklin Schoolhouse is the elven realm of Rivendell, the fearsome forest of Mirkwood, and the Lonely Mountain lair of Smaug. 

Theatrical lighting! Vintage commercials! Golden Age radio equipment! Extensive sound effects! Costumed RenFaire Acts! Themed food and drink! Medieval long table seating!

FEATURING Michael Jarmus as wandering wizard Gandalf the Gray (and Smaug the Golden); Jeff Maschi as dwarf doyen Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thrain and proud leader of the mission to reclaim Lonely Mountain; Laurence Mintz, as the marvelously mucculent Gollum (and assorted other characters); and starring Jane Hardy as furry-footed filcher Bilbo Baggins. 

WITH Mead AND a Middle-Earth inspired menu (TBA), courtesy of our brand new caterer, cuisinier extraordinaire, Jon Edge. 

PLUS a fully armored, outdoor swordfight (compliments of the celebrated RenFaire fight troupe, The Clang Addicts) AND a fully costumed, wandering wizard (roaming the room, performing astonishing up-close magic as you sup).

ALSO an elaborate display of medieval weaponery and Middle Earth memorabilia AND professional crooner Michael Jarmus sings "Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold." 

6:00 PM House Opens
6:30 PM Drinks & Outdoor Acts
7:00 PM Food & Indoor Acts
8:00 PM Radio Play (60 min) 
9:00 PM Event Ends

Profits go, in part, to sustain The Borough Improvement League of Metuchen, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization devoted to community service and preserving the historic Old Franklin Schoolhouse in Metuchen.

Raconteur Radio stages immersive, theatrical presentations of vintage radio plays, great works of literature, and pop culture parodies for live audiences throughout the Tri-State area. For more information, visit www.RaconteurRadio.com.

For tickets, visit Marafiki Fair Trade or order online HERE.


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